Aberdare House



  • Federation Home Restoration
  • Remedial Works
  • Original Floorboard Restoration
  • Full Kitchen Renovation
  • Full Bathroom Renovation
  • New Ensuite Addition
  • Design Facilitation
  • Design Support
  • Subdivision DA Approval Support
  • Construction Facilitation
  • Construction Support
  • Property Acquisition

Resplendent Restoration: Revitalising a Federation Era Gem

Step back in time and witness the seamless fusion of vintage charm and modern comforts in this beautifully renovated Federation era home. Nestled in a quaint neighbourhood, this historic residence has undergone a meticulous transformation that pays homage to its glorious past while embracing the convenience of contemporary living.

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The heart of the renovation lies in the creation of a new culinary haven – a breathtaking kitchen that marries timeless elegance with functionality. Boasting premium appliances, sleek countertops, and custom cabinetry, this culinary oasis invites culinary enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and create memorable meals.

Enhancing the overall convenience and luxury, a brand-new ensuite bathroom has been thoughtfully added, exuding opulence with brand new fixtures, and exquisite tiling. The existing bathroom has been tastefully renovated, preserving its classic allure while incorporating modern amenities.

To rediscover the home’s original character, the project team peeled back layers of history, pulling up the carpet to unveil the authentic timber floorboards. These warm, inviting wooden floors were fully restored and now add an unmistakable nostalgic touch, reminding residents of the house’s enduring heritage.

Beyond the interiors, the exterior has been transformed into an enchanting oasis, replete with lush grass areas and meticulous landscaping. This thoughtful touch adds an inviting ambiance to the property, offering residents a serene retreat to unwind and connect with nature.

To complete the transformation, the house has received a fresh coat of paint with a thoughtful colour palette, creating a picturesque facade that captures the eye of passersby and elevates its street appeal. A harmonious blend of historical hues and contemporary tones now graces the home, providing a captivating first impression.

In summary, the Federation-era home’s renovation project is a testament to the art of preservation and modernization. Melding the romance of the past with the comforts of the present, this enchanting dwelling stands as a striking homage to its heritage while offering a harmonious, inviting sanctuary for its fortunate residents. Whether you seek an idyllic retreat or a historical treasure, this restoration masterpiece offers a truly timeless living experience.

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