Carrington Apartment



  • Full Apartment Renovation
  • New Kitchen
  • New Bathroom
  • Timber Flooring
  • Design Support
  • Construction Facilitation
  • Construction Support

Reviving Charm: A Remarkable Curl Curl Apartment Transformation

Welcome to our showcase of a truly remarkable transformation in Curl Curl, facilitated by Construction Concierge. Immerse yourself in the journey of breathing new life into an apartment frozen in time for four decades.

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Embracing Legacy, Embracing Modernity

Our story begins with a client inheriting an apartment that stood untouched for 40 years, a space that held memories of the past while craving a modern touch. At Construction Concierge, we took on the challenge of honouring history while ushering in a new era.

A Symphony of Elements

Our dedicated team embarked on a comprehensive rejuvenation process. The walls, once faded, now radiate with freshness as new paint strokes infuse vibrancy into every corner. Modern lighting choices not only brighten the space but also accentuate its character, creating a harmonious blend of old and new.

Crafting Functionality and Aesthetics

The heartbeat of the apartment, the kitchen, underwent a magnificent transformation. Out with the outdated and in with the contemporary – sleek countertops, top-tier appliances, and intelligent storage solutions now grace the culinary space. This seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetics is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship.

A Dance with Wood and Light

Underfoot, the new timber flooring tells a story of sophistication and durability. With every step, the apartment exudes a renewed sense of character. This dance of wood and light encapsulates the merging of decades gone by with modern sensibilities.

Where Luxury Meets Comfort

The bathroom, a canvas of transformation, evolved from a dated chamber into a modern retreat. Carefully chosen tiles, fixtures, and fittings now create an ambiance of indulgence. This luxurious space reflects our dedication to merging timeless comfort with contemporary design.

A Timeless Blend

Join us in celebrating the narrative of heritage meeting innovation, past meeting present. Construction Concierge takes pride in having played a pivotal role in this journey, where an apartment’s history intertwines with its exciting future. Witness the charm of yesteryears converging effortlessly with the brilliance of today in this unforgettable renovation. Construction Concierge invites you to experience the art of revitalising spaces, where history and modernity coexist in perfect harmony.

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