Dalveen Retreat



  • Self Contained Apartment
  • New Kitchen
  • In-Room Cinema
  • New Bathroom
  • Custom Joinery
  • Design Facilitation
  • Design Support
  • Construction Facilitation
  • Construction Support

Refined Living: A Transformation Story

From Storage to Luxury: Witness the metamorphosis of an under-utilised storage space into a sophisticated holiday retreat. Our team at Construction Concierge took on the challenge to not only convert this area but to elevate it into a premium vacation rental destination.

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Design and Execution

Maximising Potential: Every square inch of the once nondescript storage space was meticulously planned to ensure a seamless blend of functionality and style. The design ethos centered around creating an airy, open feel with a nod to modern luxury.

Interior Harmony

Elegant Interiors: The living spaces are characterised by their minimalist design, featuring clean lines and a neutral colour palette. Warm wood accents and strategic lighting infuse a welcoming ambiance throughout the residence.

Bespoke Features

Customised Details: The property boasts bespoke cabinetry and built-in furniture, tailored to enhance the living experience while maintaining an uncluttered aesthetic. Every element was thoughtfully chosen to resonate with the upscale allure of a holiday haven.

Comfort and Convenience

Modern Amenities: Cutting-edge appliances and smart home technology were integrated to provide all the conveniences expected of a high-end retreat. The kitchen and bathrooms highlight functionality with a sleek, contemporary look.

Outdoor Integration

Seamless Transitions: Large glass doors and windows frame the verdant outdoor spaces, establishing a connection with nature. The design promotes a fluid transition between the interior and the exterior, encouraging guests to embrace both relaxation and the environment.

The Outcome

A Luxury Destination: The result is a luxurious, comfortable, and highly desirable retreat that stands as a testament to Construction Concierge’s commitment to excellence in renovation and design.

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