Leichardt House



  • Home Renovation
  • Facade Upgrade
  • New Bathroom
  • Landscaping
  • Home Recreations Independent Project

Timeless Transformation: Reviving Classic Charm with Modern Sophistication

Our latest project is a perfect example of how a classic structure can be transformed into a modern sanctuary while maintaining its original charm. We took a respectful approach to the home’s history, infusing it with contemporary design elements to create a space that feels both timeless and current.

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Outdoor Haven: Merging Indoors with Nature

The redesigned outdoor area serves as a tranquil retreat for dining and relaxation. Equipped with a retractable awning, it offers a flexible space that adapts to the whims of weather, allowing for year-round enjoyment. The stamped concrete and landscaping add texture and colour, seamlessly connecting the home to its natural surroundings.

Welcoming Entrance: A Bold Statement

The bold yellow door against a backdrop of patterned tiles gives a nod to the home’s heritage while making a confident contemporary statement. This inviting entrance sets the tone for a home that’s full of character and warmth.

The Streetscape: A Nod to Neighbourhood Aesthetics

With a thoughtful exterior facelift, the home now stands as a complement to its neighbourhood. It strikes a fine balance between standing out and fitting in, with its fresh paint and restored details that pay homage to the architectural vernacular of the area.

Bathrooms: A Blend of Elegance and Comfort

The bathrooms are a standout, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. The use of intricate tile work and modern fixtures creates an ambiance of understated luxury, ensuring these spaces are as indulgent as they are practical.

Interior Warmth: Classic Meets Contemporary

Inside, the new fireplace becomes a central feature, offering a modern twist on a traditional element. It anchors the living space, inviting cozy gatherings and quiet moments alike.

Functional Artistry: Detail in Design

From the patterned concrete to the sculptural details of the letterbox, every element of this renovation has been chosen for both its function and its form. The result is a home that is not just lived in, but also loved.

We believe that a home should be a reflection of its owners’ tastes and the times they live in. This project exemplifies that belief, marrying the historical with the contemporary to create a home that is truly unique.

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