Mosman Apartment



  • Complete Apartment Renovation
  • New Kitchen
  • New Bathrooms
  • Statebuild Independent Project

Sophisticated Urban Living: The Epitome of Apartment Renovation

This project stands as a hallmark of Statebuild’s commitment to elevating apartment living. It’s not just a renovation; it’s a redefinition of what an urban sanctuary can be. We pride ourselves on crafting spaces that aren’t just seen but felt, where every corner is a testament to our promise of luxury and innovation in modern living.

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The Heart of the Home: Culinary Excellence Meets Modern Aesthetics At the core of the apartment is the kitchen, thoughtfully designed to be both a culinary workshop and a centerpiece of household interaction. Equipped with cutting-edge appliances, nestled within bespoke cabinetry, and finished with pristine countertops, it stands as a statement of modern living.

Living and Dining Alchemy: Blending Comfort with Luxury The living and dining spaces are crafted to become the backdrop of treasured moments, where the simplicity of the design amplifies the quality of life. The custom lighting fixtures and hand-picked furnishings all contribute to an atmosphere that’s both inviting and indicative of upscale urban taste.

Private Sanctuaries: Bedrooms that Whisper Rest and Rejuvenation The bedrooms are reimagined as sanctuaries of tranquility, with plush textures and a calming color palette. Every element, from the bespoke headboards to the strategic lighting, is curated to foster a sense of peace, ensuring that rest is as luxurious as it is essential.

Spa-Inspired Bathrooms: A Retreat of Indulgence Our bathrooms echo the sophistication of a private spa. From the rainfall showerheads to the freestanding bathtubs, each feature is selected for its quality and ability to provide a rejuvenating escape, blending seamlessly with marble accents and designer fixtures.

Outdoor Integration: Bringing the Beauty of Nature Indoors In a cityscape, the connection to the outdoors is a luxury we’ve captured through smart design. Balconies and terraces serve as extensions of the living space, where the boundary between inside and outside is artfully blurred, offering a breath of fresh air amidst the urban buzz.

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