Parkview Apartment



  • Apartment Renovation
  • Laundry Renovations
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Custom Joinery
  • Landscaping
  • Design Facilitation
  • Design Support
  • Construction Facilitation
  • Construction Support

Refined Urban Living: A Seamless Blend of Function and Style

This renovation brings a fresh, modern look to a classic space. The dining area features clean lines and practical design elements, like built-in velvet seating and floating wooden shelves, providing both style and function. The colour palette is neutral, with strategic pops of greenery adding life to the room.

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Kitchen Redesign

The kitchen redesign focuses on utility and modern aesthetics. White countertops complement the matte cabinetry, creating a bright and airy cooking space. State-of-the-art appliances are fitted to meet the needs of a busy urban lifestyle, while subtle lighting under the cabinets offers sophistication without being overt.

Enhanced Outdoor Space

The terrace has been transformed into a private, functional extension of the living area. Decking and strategic plantings create a low-maintenance yet inviting space for relaxation or entertaining.

Cohesive Flow

Throughout the apartment, the renovation emphasises a cohesive flow between rooms, with a consistent design theme that ties each space together. This creates a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors, maximising the sense of space in an urban apartment setting.

Project Summary

In this renovation, practicality merges with modern design to enhance the living experience. The focus has been on creating a comfortable, efficient, and stylish urban home that utilises space effectively, without unnecessary embellishments.

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