Ryde House



  • Full Home Renovation
  • New Kitchen
  • New Bathrooms
  • Facade Upgrade
  • MT Living Independent Project

Elegant Living Reimagined

The heart of this renovation is a spacious open-plan living area, thoughtfully designed to fuse the kitchen, dining, and lounge spaces into a single cohesive environment. The integration of natural wood flooring and modern recessed lighting sets the stage for a home that is both welcoming and stylish.

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Gourmet Kitchen A Culinary Haven with a Touch of Glamour

Our gourmet kitchen stands as a paragon of modern design, equipped with the latest appliances and finished with sleek white cabinetry, accented by elegant gold hardware. The expansive island bench with its white stone countertop invites both culinary creativity and social gatherings, making it the centerpiece of the home.

Tranquil Bedrooms Your Personal Sanctuary for Rest and Relaxation

The bedrooms have been transformed into tranquil sanctuaries, where comfort and elegance coexist. The use of plush textures and a soothing color palette promotes a calm and restful atmosphere, essential for a good night’s sleep.

Spa-Like Bathrooms Indulge in Your Own Private Escape

Every bathroom in this home has been meticulously designed to function as a private spa. The sharp geometric patterns, modern fixtures, and the subtle elegance of the tile work come together to create spaces that offer a serene escape from the everyday.

Family Entertainment Area A Cozy Nook for Leisure and Relaxation

The family entertainment area is designed with comfort in mind, featuring soft carpeting and plush seating that invite you to unwind. Whether it’s a movie night or a quiet evening with a book, this space provides the perfect setting for leisurely activities.

Architectural Staircase An Artistic Feature that Elevates

The staircase is not merely a functional element but a central feature of this home’s architecture. Its design reflects our vision for a space that is not just lived in but also admired.

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