Georgie House



  • Sequence Studio Independent Project
Timeless Elegance: A Harmonious Blend of Classic and Modern Design

In a symphony of classic elegance and contemporary finesse, this recently completed project by Sequence Studio presents a harmonious balance of form and function. Each space has been thoughtfully curated to respect the home’s architectural integrity while infusing a modern aesthetic that speaks to today‚Äôs lifestyle.

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From the ethereal play of natural light in the welcoming hallway to the sophisticated yet functional shelving that transforms objects into exhibits, every detail was meticulously crafted.

The bedrooms exude a serene ambience, adorned with art that complements the muted tones and textures. Bold wallpaper choices in select spaces serve as vibrant backdrops, encapsulating a daring personality within a refined framework.

Noteworthy is the juxtaposition of the vibrant dining area that unites deep hues and intricate patterns, creating an encapsulating experience.

The living spaces are a testament to comfortable luxury, where bespoke furniture and timeless materials coalesce to create inviting areas for rest and socialisation.

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