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A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is a fast track process that allows you to gain approval in less time and also less money by avoiding Council but comes with its restrictions. This was introduced by the NSW Government to help alleviate extensive delays and red tape within local Councils.

Here is what you need to know:

A CDC is essentially a DA and a CC in one. You are getting a design and construction certificate at once for it all to be reviewed and assessed by a private certifier. This can save both time and money.


A CDC can be approved by engaging a private certifier who makes sure your proposal complies with an extensive checklist of requirements. The checklist of requirements will need to be assessed by the certifier to ensure you comply with all the regulations within the CDC code.


The CDC checklist is very black and white and can be restrictive for some sites. If your proposal fails to meet just one requirement on the checklist, a CDC cannot be given and you therefore will need to seek DA approval. If you meet the requirements you will be able to gain approval to start works sometimes within 4-6 weeks of engaging the certifier.

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5 Facts you Need to Know About DAs and CDCs

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