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Being sure about what you want before you start will not only help your designer give you the best options available, it will also make sure you avoid any unnecessary delays and extra design costs. Minor changes are completely fine and are expected during the design process, but if you ask your designers to go design a new extension and once they are done you decide you actually want to add a first floor addition instead, this will be frustrating for everyone you included and will take away from your project enjoyment.

Here are 3 reasons why this is important:

Time is a crucial resource when it comes to renovation. If you are unsure about what you want and end up having to completely change floor plans or designs, the design process will end up taking twice as long as it needs to. If you think through your project carefully and be detailed with the designer from the start, they can give you exactly what you want in the shortest time possible.


Being sure about what you want will help you avoid unnecessary and costly extra design fees. If your design team spends 6 weeks coming up with a concept that you then want to completely change, you have paid them for 6 weeks for nothing. These extra costs can add up and blow out your project budget.


You want the process to be enjoyable. Having to make major redesign decisions because you are uncertain about the path you want to take while incurring extra design fees and blowing out your project timeline will be stressful. A renovation project can be a long process and you want to start it off on the right foot.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs
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