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It is not uncommon for your project to fit into both categories. The determining factor for you will be what your end goals are and what you’re trying to achieve. A CDC may be too restrictive from a design and planning perspective for your goals however a DA may be too long for the same reasons above.

Here are 3 things you need to know:

A good design team should be able to give you both options as a mock up design to show you what you’re limited to in terms of foot print. This will give you a sense of direction pretty early on and help you decide on which path to take. If you can achieve your goals for your build or renovation within the CDC envelope that’s great news as it will save you time and money.


A CDC building envelope and certain restrictions may be too limiting for you and may not give you the desired outcome you are looking for. In this instance it is best to explore the DA path and understand what is involved in terms of time and costs and any potential challenges within your local Council.


Deciding on which path you take will be determined by your end goals. If you are looking to get work approved and done as quickly as possible then a CDC may be your best option knowing that you will be compromising on how big you can go. If however, space is the number one priority and the CDC requirements are too restrictive then you will need to look at the DA pathway to get what you’re after.

“Strategic planning is worthless – unless there is first a strategic vision.” – John Naisbitt
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5 Facts you Need to Know About DAs and CDCs

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