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We can never understand it when we hear stories about clients that didn’t get the builder involved in the design process at all. Designers are great, but they are not builders. There are many times where getting a builder’s advice during the design process will save you time and money.

Here are three reasons why this is important:

You need to be sure that the design you end up with fits within your budget. While a designer can make an educated guess on the rough building cost, they are never up to date on the latest rates and costs like a builder is. Referring back to a builder during the process will ensure you don’t make any design decisions that end up costing more than you can afford and forcing you into a redesign which will waste time and money.


A designer will tell you where it goes, a builder will tell you the best way to put it there. When we see situations where builders are involved in the design process, often it leads to cost effective redesigns being done in real time to make sure the drawings are as effectively and as efficiently drawn as possible.


Engaging with a builder early in the process ensures that he can set aside time for your project to start when the design is finished. Something you want to avoid is getting to the construction stage and not being able to find a builder that can start within 6 months. Get a builder involved early to ensure your project timeline is not interrupted.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us” – Winston Churchill
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