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One mistake we see far too often is when clients hire a design team and then want to tell them what to do. Don’t get me wrong, this is your project, your vision and you have complete control. But hiring a designer and then telling them what to do is like ordering a meal at a restaurant and then going to the kitchen and cooking it yourself!

Here are three things to consider:

Your design team will often see things in a different way than you will. Often when you give the designer your own advice before they start, they work to that advice rather than starting from a blank slate. Save your design opinion until after the first draft. Let the design team come up with something completely unguided and see how it goes. It may be something you never thought of and you may absolutely love it!


Sometimes the finished product is hard to visualise using a render or a plan. Your design team is often applying styles and finishes that they have seen live. Something may look off to you on a plan or render but it is important to understand that how something looks on a digital image is very different to how it looks in real life.


Remember why you hired your design team. You hired them because they had a clear
vision for the project, because you loved other projects they had done and because you felt confident and excited in their ability to bring your dream to life. Trust in your decision and let them do their thing!

“Luck is the residue of design” – Branch Rickey
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