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This is an obvious question but one that some people forget to ask. Getting an idea of the type of work the design team has completed will help you make an informed decision.

Three reasons why this is important are:

This gives you an idea of the types of designs the designer has come up with in the past. One thing to keep in mind is that the designs in their portfolio can sometimes be highly driven by the clients and not always the designer. This could be a great starting point as it may give you some ideas of layouts or themes you can use for your home.


Seeing similar projects will also engage conversations around potential challenges of similar sites and how they were resolved. If you have a difficult site or poor existing layout, seeing how this was overcome by the design team in past projects can give you comfort in knowing that the potential design team has experience behind them.


Another reason why this question is useful is that it will give you an idea of the design and construction cost of projects similar to yours. This will give you an indication of whether or not your initial budget is realistic.

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5 Questions To Ask Your Design Team Before Hiring Them

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