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Thinking about your PC items can be a very daunting and frustrating experience. However, with the right planning and strategy this process can be made a lot easier for yourself and save you time and money if done right.

Here are 3 things to consider:

While collating images on your mood board you should also be looking at images you like from bathrooms and kitchens and what types of sinks, taps, vanities etc that you like from these images. It’s important to make notes on different elements you like from each so that your design team can come up with the right elements from each.


Visiting showrooms such as Reece can give you a better understanding of what things you like but also be able to put a price on this. This will allow you to rule things in or out based on look and price.


Functionality. There is no better way to get an understanding for this than in person. Some items may look great in a picture but will it do the job you want it to? Will it perform the way you want it to based on how you use the space? These are some important things to consider when selecting PC items.

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