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Knowing why you are renovating will determine which approach you take and will enable you to approach your project with clarity and confidence.

The three reasons why this is so important are:

When you are dealing with your consultants, you can be clear about your goals and desired result. This will maximise the time you spend with them and will help you to avoid frustrating delays and extra consultant fees. One of the first things your consultants will ask you is why are you renovating. Having a clear renovation purpose will help them to lead you in the most effective direction.


Knowing the goal of the renovation will ensure that you focus on the key areas. For example, if you are renovating to sell, you will be sure to focus on the highest profit areas which are the kitchen, bathrooms and landscaping.


Understanding your reason for renovating will help you to hire the right consultants for your project from the start. If given clear goals, the right consultants will be able to understand exactly what you need out of the project and in turn maximise the money you are investing and deliver the best results possible.

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until
you hire an amateur.”
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5 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Renovation

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